PN Consulting - Maptic


PN Consulting - Maptic

PN CONSULTING - MAPTIC offers professional training, consulting, coaching and support engineering services (individual and / or collective), adapted to all the public (manager, employee, project leader, applicant) employment, people with disabilities).

Our 4 areas of expertise:

PROFESSIONAL TRAINING Inter-company and tailor-made: Computer Science, Web Communication, Marketing, Basic Knowledge, Hospitality / Catering Management

ADVICE IN ORGANIZATION AND PRODUCTION: Montage and development of tourism project

PROFESSIONAL ACCOMPANIMENT: Job search technique, professional project development

ILLITERACY: design of teaching tools and animation

At your listening, we choose the proximity and the accompaniment towards the excellence via flexible and individualized courses.

PN CONSULTING-MAPTIC and 6 Partners of European Union offer new opportunities for professional support through the ERASMUS + Programme « SOLOPRENEUR ».

Actively participate in the development of individual entrepreneurship around a multilingual platform involving 6 countries.

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