JCE Martinique (Junior Chamber)


JCE Martinique (Junior Chamber)

The Junior Chamber of Economics, also known as JCI, is an international organization of young people aged 18 to 40, which was created almost 100 years ago in the United States.The JCE Martinique has existed for 60 years.

The action of the Junior Economic Chamber is reflected in 2 main points:
- its mission, which is to provide young people with development opportunities by giving them the ability to create change positive vision,
- which is to be the world’s leading network of active young citizens

Each Junior Chamber then decides to carry out actions in accordance with its 2 principles.

At the Young Economic Chamber of Martinique, we then decided to have an orientation that involves 3 objectives:
- Providing development opportunities for young people aged 18-40
- Build a network of active young citizens,
- Federate young business leaders and future young business leaders, executives and future executives, and all those who want to act within our society.

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