Self-Employment Case Study, solopreneurship


Nicky recently set up a barber shop with business partner Sam. They have a wealth of experience in the hairdressing business and when they have realised to have the same plans for the future they decided to start up their own business: a barber shop in Wales.
At the beginning, the hardest part was to wait. After six months things really started to pick up and once they'd had the first visit from their accountant, they realised that they were doing a good job and they were going to carry on.
Now they have taken on more staff and have opened a second barber shop.

Some of the benefits they discovered in self-employement are the freedom to do what they want, to have holiday when they want, take a day off, and so on; also they felt less stressed because they don't get that feeling that someone's watching them.

In an interview taken by Nick gives some advices to anybody who wants to be a self-entrepreneur: “If you've got a passion for your job, and you're good at what you do, I'd just say go for it. The worst that can happen is going back to being employed again. Any self-employment is going to be hard for the first year or so; you're likely to lose some money, but you've just got to go for it. Set your goals and work to them - just take each day as it comes. I would never work for someone else again, knowing what I've achieved.“ provides helpful advices and tools for self-employment: it points out the skills needed to become a self-employed; the types of business to be run; the planning needed to do before becoming self-employed; what makes a successful business.

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