Logistics & Business Assistance - LAE


Logistics & Business Assistance - LAE

LAE is a company specializing in consulting in business organization and management, particularly for very small businesses, representing the bulk of the local economic fabric. LAE's missions are articulated around the following steps:

1 / Pre-diagnosis During this step, the client's expectations, needs and main immediate difficulties must be identified.

2 / Audit & Diagnosis Depending on the urgency of the situation and the client's immediate expectations, this step aims to refine the pre-diagnosis and to take stock of the client's main functions (commercial, financial, organizational and managerial). It gives rise to the first recommendations to be validated with the client.

3 / Implementation plan The role of LAE is to assist the client in the implementation of procedures and measures to enable his company to achieve the objectives set by its manager. In order to do so, an implementation plan is formalized between the two parties providing for a minimum of two to four monthly working sessions (some meetings focused on the life of the company, others on that of the manager) in order to allow a regular adaptation of both parties to the changes implemented. In addition, LAE has, internally or via its network of skills, the capacity to accompany any VSE during its creation, during its development and during its liquidation:
- elaboration of business plans (balance sheets, financing plans, budgets, ...),
- incorporation of a company,
- search for financial and commercial partners,
- recruitment assistance,
- supply and marketing logistics.